Brian Statham iStoreLabs CEO


Founder and CEO



Founder and CFO

iStoreLabs was created to provide a professional alternative to the passive income industry.

As a business, we strive to deliver advice that is high quality, focused, and consistently excellent.  Many companies offer setting up a business as a one size fits all service, they are not specialists. This is where we differ. Turnkey businesses are a personal subject with us.  We understand that to truly serve our clients we need to be experts in our field; and we are.

Unlike other providers, we never shout about ourselves in the press and media.  Our role has always been to help our clients solve a problem, and help them to get on with their life with the added bonus of earning a passive income.  We know that money is a sensitive subject and can be a difficult part of our clients’ lives.  This is why we offer our clients a uniquely personal service and we insist upon excellence in everything we do.  In short, we build on our past to define our future.


Brian Statham, co-founder, and former professional footballer and Stock Broking has built up a stellar reputation within the financial sector, he boasts extensive experience in client relationships, senior management whilst delivering tailored solutions across investments and eCommerce.

Riaz Karim, co-founder and investment banker, brings a wealth of experience in all aspects of business creation and management, particularly in the fields of product development and financial engineering.  He holds three separate degrees in engineering, math, and business driving  25 years of wealth creation across real estate, e-commerce, and fintech.