iStoreLabs PREMIUM 

Online Warehouse Worker

What is iStoreLabs PREMIUM?

iStoreLabs Premium takes wholesale to a new level. Our product research team find the most profitable products from our growing list of suppliers to ensure that you keep making passive income. Once products have been selected we ship the items to Amazon warehouses for fulfillment and our team of account managers handle everything from competitive pricing to customer inquiries.

We aim for a 20-40% gross profit margin per item

Unlike a private label model, the wholesale model does not require a trademark and subsequently, you will not own the brand to any of these products. You will however have a licensing agreement with the brands that we distribute.

Wholesale FBA is identifying existing products that are selling on Amazon and then locating a supplier who agrees to license out those same products to you to distribute.

We utilize the Amazon Prime warehouses that are located across the country. We will not know which location we will store and ship your goods out of until Amazon assigns us a warehouse. By utilizing the Amazon fulfillment centers, we are able to offer our customer PRIME (1-2 day) shipping nationwide. 

For this model, we traditionally locate products that are in the Toys and Games, Foods (nonperishable) Outdoor and Home Decor categories.

With this model, a new seller can expect to start selling within 120 days from enrolling in the package. As we will be selling existing brands, there is no need to build up the listing with early sales and reviews. The market will already recognize the products and begin to purchase them from your store.

Key Facts


  • Retail Set up Fee: $40,000.00

  • Product Listing: 20-200 Units per Month

  • Monthly Credit Required To Cover Cost Of Goods: $15,000.00

  • Performance and Resource Fees: N/A

  • Forecast Monthly NET: $3,000.00

  • 120 Day Set Up