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iStore MAX

Warehouse Shelves

What is iStore MAX?

iStoreLabs MAX brings you our own brand. Our product research team finds the most profitable products online and we take this research to our list of manufacturers. Once the product is created and branded, we ship the products to Amazon warehouses to utilize Amazon’s FBA fulfillment. We also add wholesale products to your store to place your brand next to other well-known brands. Our team will make sure your prices are always competitive and maintain customer satisfaction.

Find out more about iStoreLabs Max for free by downloading our brochure.

Amazon marketplace search history and sold prices are cross-referenced with WHOLESALE MANUFACTURERS to determine the optimal combination of product, price, margin, and quantity. A customized product analysis will show current forecasted sales.

Choose a brand name for your new business brand! Your brand is legally trademarked and the manufacturer will assign your brand name to this already best-selling product.

The product listed on Amazon marketplaces and sales of your own private label branded product will begin.


This awesome business model removes the risk of brand recognition because we already know the product itself sells regardless of brand. As your brand gains traction, even more sales should ensue.


The manufacturer sends each batch of your branded product directly to Amazon warehouses across the US.


When customers purchase, Amazon handles the warehousing, logistics, and 2 day Prime delivery.

Key Facts


  • Business Purchase Price: POA

  • Product Listing: 1 Private Label + 20 Units

  • Month Monthly Credit Required To Cover Cost Of Goods: $50,000

  • Performance and Resource Fees: N/A

  • Forecast Monthly NET Profit: $10,000

  • Set Up: 120 Days

Schedule a call with one of our Senior Business Consultants to get started on your road to a passive income. Learn more by downloading our  Brochure, If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us.  ​

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