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What is iStoreLabs fully managed Rideshare Businesses Canada?

Cars for Sale

At iStoreLabs we are passionate about the businesses we create for our clients and we take this to a whole new level with our rideshare packages. Rideshare Gold is tangible here in the UK and brings you a fleet of drivers to keep you on the road to a passive income. Our team keeps your drivers on the road all year round in our prime locations, this multiplied by our experience brings you a passive income every single month.
Our team handles everything from A-Z including, location research, driver recruitment, and management every single day.

Find out more about Rideshare Gold for free by downloading our brochure.

We handle all vehicle sourcing, the hiring of drivers, and car maintenance to ensure you have a profitable business. Your fleet will be managed in the UK.  iStoreLabs packages takes the concept one step further to provide a turnkey solution

  • We have management teams ready to drive your business into a substantial profitable income

  • You pay us an initial set up fee, we then proceed to set up your fleet of vehicles and drivers

  • We do everything to ensure drivers meet all platform policies, requirements and exceed platform standards.

  • We manage, insure, and maintain all of your vehicles to keep them on the road earning you passive income

Additional Benefits

  • Asset-backed business Franchise

  • Zero marketing required

  • Extensive operational and management experience

  • We work with globally recognised platforms to create you a passive income

  • Capability to add additional vehicles to your fleet to scale profits

  • Vehicles are GPS tracked allowing your Account Manager to track your vehicles at all times

  • We can broker the future sale of your business

Car Interior

iStore GOLD 

  • Business Purchase Price: POA

  • Target Monthly Income From $3,000.00 CAD

  • Target ROI From: 25%

  • Trained Drivers: 3

  • Profit Share: 70/30


  • Business Purchase Price: POA

  • Target Monthly Income From $6,000.00 CAD

  • Target ROI From: 30%

  • Trained Drivers: 6

  • Profit Share: 70/30

Schedule a call with one of our Senior Business Consultants to get started on your road to a passive income. Learn more by downloading our Rideshare Brochure, If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us.  

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